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Generated energy for the period 1 January to 26 January 2022

(if you click on the 'day' below, the graph above shows the power output for that day)

Day Garage Energy House Energy Total Energy
Wednesday January 260.592 KWh4.025 KWh4.617 KWh
Tuesday January 250.163 KWh1.038 KWh1.201 KWh
Monday January 240.153 KWh0.985 KWh1.138 KWh
Sunday January 230.137 KWh0.874 KWh1.011 KWh
Saturday January 220.409 KWh2.035 KWh2.444 KWh
Friday January 210.230 KWh1.351 KWh1.581 KWh
Thursday January 200.460 KWh5.245 KWh5.705 KWh
Wednesday January 190.467 KWh2.785 KWh3.252 KWh
Tuesday January 180.406 KWh1.982 KWh2.388 KWh
Monday January 170.252 KWh4.806 KWh5.058 KWh
Sunday January 160.350 KWh1.752 KWh2.102 KWh
Saturday January 150.351 KWh1.760 KWh2.111 KWh
Friday January 140.486 KWh3.971 KWh4.457 KWh
Thursday January 130.558 KWh4.554 KWh5.112 KWh
Wednesday January 120.500 KWh4.403 KWh4.903 KWh
Tuesday January 110.392 KWh1.966 KWh2.358 KWh
Monday January 100.140 KWh0.893 KWh1.033 KWh
Sunday January 90.421 KWh3.746 KWh4.167 KWh
Saturday January 80.117 KWh0.738 KWh0.855 KWh
Friday January 70.439 KWh1.985 KWh2.424 KWh
Thursday January 60.143 KWh0.880 KWh1.023 KWh
Wednesday January 50.590 KWh3.470 KWh4.060 KWh
Tuesday January 40.309 KWh3.424 KWh3.733 KWh
Monday January 30.327 KWh1.566 KWh1.893 KWh
Sunday January 20.332 KWh1.794 KWh2.126 KWh
Saturday January 10.314 KWh1.837 KWh2.151 KWh

Total energy generated this month from garage roof ... 9.04 KWh
Total energy generated this month from house roof ... 63.87 KWh
Total energy generated this month ... 72.90 KWh
Total energy generated from garage roof ... 11783.30 KWh
Total energy generated from house roof ... 27826.20 KWh
Total energy generated this month ... 39609.50 KWh