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Generated energy for the period 1 February to 21 February (midnight) 2020
(if you click on the 'day' below, the graph above shows the power output for that day)

Day Garage Energy House Energy Total Energy
Saturday February 11.200 KWh5.735 KWh6.935 KWh
Sunday February 20.829 KWh4.107 KWh4.936 KWh
Monday February 30.553 KWh2.726 KWh3.279 KWh
Tuesday February 40.512 KWh2.418 KWh2.930 KWh
Wednesday February 51.286 KWh5.686 KWh6.972 KWh
Thursday February 61.536 KWh5.938 KWh7.474 KWh
Friday February 71.258 KWh6.465 KWh7.723 KWh
Saturday February 81.327 KWh5.713 KWh7.040 KWh
Sunday February 90.205 KWh1.372 KWh1.577 KWh
Monday February 100.668 KWh3.092 KWh3.760 KWh
Tuesday February 111.771 KWh6.965 KWh8.736 KWh
Wednesday February 121.872 KWh6.894 KWh8.766 KWh
Thursday February 131.370 KWh5.085 KWh6.455 KWh
Friday February 140.848 KWh3.482 KWh4.330 KWh
Saturday February 150.279 KWh1.575 KWh1.854 KWh
Sunday February 160.399 KWh2.337 KWh2.736 KWh
Monday February 171.811 KWh8.247 KWh10.058 KWh
Tuesday February 180.777 KWh3.497 KWh4.274 KWh
Wednesday February 190.455 KWh2.373 KWh2.828 KWh
Thursday February 200.636 KWh3.753 KWh4.389 KWh
Friday February 210.386 KWh2.036 KWh2.422 KWh
Total energy generated this month from garage roof...19.98 KWh
Total energy generated this month from house roof...89.50 KWh
Total energy generated this month ...109.47 KWh
Total energy generated from garage roof...9878.34 KWh
Total energy generated from house roof...20941.24 KWh
Total energy generated to date...30819.58 KWh