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Generated energy for the period 1st September to 30 September 2023

(if you click on the 'day' below, the graph above shows the power output for that day)

Day Garage Energy House Energy Total Energy
Saturday September 301.150 KWh4.926 KWh6.076 KWh
Friday September 293.797 KWh10.941 KWh14.738 KWh
Thursday September 281.034 KWh4.779 KWh5.813 KWh
Wednesday September 271.303 KWh5.445 KWh6.748 KWh
Tuesday September 262.511 KWh8.128 KWh10.639 KWh
Monday September 253.500 KWh11.368 KWh14.868 KWh
Sunday September 241.718 KWh6.834 KWh8.552 KWh
Saturday September 233.352 KWh11.045 KWh14.397 KWh
Friday September 222.702 KWh10.205 KWh12.907 KWh
Thursday September 212.905 KWh8.795 KWh11.700 KWh
Wednesday September 200.495 KWh2.644 KWh3.139 KWh
Tuesday September 190.862 KWh4.217 KWh5.079 KWh
Monday September 182.225 KWh8.749 KWh10.974 KWh
Sunday September 170.662 KWh3.163 KWh3.825 KWh
Saturday September 160.706 KWh3.610 KWh4.316 KWh
Friday September 153.963 KWh12.753 KWh16.716 KWh
Thursday September 141.555 KWh6.640 KWh8.195 KWh
Wednesday September 134.245 KWh12.876 KWh17.121 KWh
Tuesday September 120.972 KWh4.633 KWh5.605 KWh
Monday September 112.875 KWh10.939 KWh13.814 KWh
Sunday September 101.537 KWh7.080 KWh8.617 KWh
Saturday September 94.478 KWh13.552 KWh18.030 KWh
Friday September 83.935 KWh13.013 KWh16.948 KWh
Thursday September 74.613 KWh13.399 KWh18.012 KWh
Wednesday September 64.343 KWh13.680 KWh18.023 KWh
Tuesday September 55.000 KWh15.516 KWh20.516 KWh
Monday September 45.105 KWh16.409 KWh21.514 KWh
Sunday September 35.073 KWh16.781 KWh21.854 KWh
Saturday September 22.373 KWh10.969 KWh13.342 KWh
Friday September 13.290 KWh13.080 KWh16.370 KWh

Energy generated this month from garage roof ... 82.28 KWh
Energy generated this month from house roof ... 286.17 KWh
Total energy generated this month ... 368.45 KWh
Total energy generated from garage roof to date ... 14207.70 KWh
Total energy generated from house roof to date ... 36846.80 KWh
Total energy generated to date ... 51054.50 KWh